Men and Acne – Same Detrimental Effects, Sorely Overlooked.

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Let’s face it. The biggest brands of skincare are rarely using a man’s face to represent their latest line of acne fighting treatments. Yet during the teen years, acne affects men and women relatively equally. The same self-esteem issues that women face when dealing with pimples are felt by men, perhaps even amplified. They are left to deal with it without the benefits of camouflaging makeup and disguising hairdos. So what is a guy to do?

The Hormone Differences

We have all heard that women have estrogen and men have testosterone. The truth is we all have a bit of both. Testosterone is the most common type of hormone called an androgen. Men produce about 15x times more testosterone per day than women. During puberty this hormone is what leads to the typical male characteristics, like thick body hair, more active oil glands, increases in muscle strength, etc. When men work out at the gym, testosterone levels can spike almost 30%. Hence the term of feeling “jacked” is used often post-workout.

The Bad News

Since testosterone is very closely linked to the growth of activity and size of the sebaceous glands, the pores now become more prone to becoming clogged and infected with acne bacteria living under the surface. Body acne can start to occur and cystic acne may appear (those hard nodules under the skin that burn and hurt to the touch). Men that start taking synthetic steroids can get some of the worst acne conceivable and be left with the most debilitating scarring.

The Good News

There are various ways to counter male acne, and the key is to treat it EVERY TIME. Do not think it is not masculine if you do or that it’s just a fact of life to be dealt with. This kind of thinking is what leads to those awful pock marks you see on people, and this leads to a lifetime of self-esteem issues. If your acne is moderate to severe, a dermatologist’s visit is absolutely necessary. Treatment must be taken consistently and exactly the way the doctor prescribes.

Cleansing becomes very important as those overactive pores need to stay unblocked on the surface to prevent breakouts from increasing in severity and spreading. Using a medicated treatment helps control oil levels and keep the skin unwelcome to acne bacteria.

ZENMED created the Botanical Acne Body Wash for this purpose. It is granular, minty-fresh, and medicated. For men, it can be used on the face, shoulders, chest, and back. We recommend it be used 2 times a day.

The Refining Scrub is also created for skin with an oily tendency. It should be used every day in the morning, followed by the Oil-Free Day Lotion.

Natural Treatments

Some things to consider trying:

–  Start taking Omega 3 supplements.

–  Something as simple as changing your pillow case every couple of days to remove bacteria can have huge benefits for your skin.

–  Shaving your face with a clean, sharp razor will reduce irritation. Always use a shaving balm and follow with moisturizer. Do not shave every day unless absolutely necessary, try going 2-3 days in between.

–  Cleansing immediately after sweating prevents clogged pores (the leading cause of acne). Change clothes often during the day if you have body acne, try avoiding synthetic fabrics as well.

–  Try a “cut” for 4 weeks. This means the elimination of all dairy (often linked to androgens), white sugar, refined flour products (pasta, cookies, crackers), fruits and juices, soft drinks, energy drinks. Supplement with the Derma Cleanse Supplement to help with elimination and detoxification.

–  No pimple popping ever.

As a Parent

It is widely known that acne can lead to severe depression and self-esteem issues. It is also reported that when someone is depressed the less likely they are to follow through on treatment and take care of themselves. So if you are a parent of a male teen going through acne, you need to be aware of possible issues. This means keeping an open door of communication and asking the hard questions, like how their social life is and if they are feeling ok (because no one else is going to). It’s important to positively reinforce traits that your teen has while they are going through treatment to encourage continuation and prevent further damage to their self-esteem.

Dear Guy with Acne

Your plight is not ignored by us. If you think that your acne is being noticed more than you are, then something needs to be done. Five minutes a day max and this phase will pass before you know it.


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