As the new year has approached (and now come to fruition), many of us in the fashion of making new year’s resolutions, decide to take a stand for our skin, once and for all. “This year I will remove my makeup before going to bed” “This year I will get a facial twice a month” “This year I will wear sunscreen and my anti-aging skin cream”. But as many of us already know, creating a skincare regimen can be difficult, as are all things self-care especially for us women. So in the 15 minutes you have with your toddler sleeping in their stroller, you frantically run to the closest Marshall’s or TJ Maxx because you have decided to add a widget to your skincare to make things “move along faster”. These widgets are on clear display at stores like this and very attractively priced. Here is my test run of a few.

The Microneedler 

This device resembles what looks like tiny spikes installed on what looks like a little paint roller. The package says “Youthful Skin from Within”. I’m sold. I have been using this device for over a month and I am hooked. The basis of this skincare trend is that creating tiny tears in the upper levels of the skin turbocharges its ability to create more collagen and elastic, hence decreasing the appearance of scars and wrinkles. This device however is not recommended for acne sufferers as it can cause the bacteria that is under the skin to spread. I have been using this with the Skincorrect+ Serum to help counteract the melasma I got during pregnancy along the sides of my face. The melasma is almost 100% gone in a month. Love this thing.

The Jade Roller

Again, another device resembling a paint brush, but this time the tiny spiked roller is replaced with a smooth jade stone. Rolling it on your face feels soothing as it is nice and cool when you first use it. The basis of this device is that apparently “rolling” your skin with this device promotes a sort of lymphatic massage of the skin and they have been used since forever in China to help improve stress related skin issues (think puffy eyes, too much salt at dinner last night, not enough sleep). This helps increase circulation and approve the appearance of your face. I used it with my face oil at night and saw that my skin was very nice and flushed afterwards. I woke up with more “perkier” skin, if there is such thing. But otherwise, nothing outstanding. I would also prefer that someone else was rubbing my face with it.

The Rotating Brush

My Clarisonic was left in a hotel room a few months back and has never turned up in the lost and found. I decided to try a no-name version with a variety of brush heads. I crack open my Facial Cleansing Gel, apply a bit to the most abrasive brush that came with the pack (because I want some serious action). After the timer turns off (it does the same thing as the Clarisonic, it reminds you when its time to move to another section of the face), I rinse my face clean and I feel like I have just done my skin the biggest favour. My skin feels like I have had a facial, its glowing, fresh and clean. This is a keeper, just gotta figure out where I can locate replacement brushes once this one is toast. I pat my skin dry, apply my Skincorrect+, and lather on my Omegaceramide. Night night.

The Warm Washcloth

Yes I know what a lot of you are thinking. Even Khloe Kardashian when asked what beauty secret she followed of her mothers confessed the warm washcloth every night was the best thing ever. This may seem old school to many, but I decided I would try a night time washcloth habit for a week. Mind you I do not suffer from Rosacea or any other skin condition that is exacerbated by heat. In that case, you could try a cold one. Anyways, I shuffled into the linen section and bought a nice 6 pack of new facecloths. That night after cleansing I rinsed a cloth with as hot of water as my hands could handle and applied it to my face, spa style (sans the cucumber slices). I lay there on my pillow until it chilled (about 1 minute), then wiped my face with it. I quickly coated my skin with moisturizer while my skin was damp. My skin looked glowing and fresh and I woke up with visually more hydrated skin. I love this feeling.

I guess in all, what did I feel was the real keeper in my experiments? What would I say was the best of them all? I would have to say that the fact that I actually took 10 minutes out of my day to do this for myself was number one. Just the smallest adjustment to your day to day regime can make the biggest difference, visually and esteem-wise. So that is what I encourage firstly. Secondly, the price points of these things makes it worth it to try them all. I think in all I spent $24. And thirdly, you will see better results of your skincare products when you supplement them with a little bit of extra care to your skin.