Milia – what is it? how to help it? Read on!

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If you are wondering what those small little white bumps that pop up randomly on your skin are – they are most likely milia.

Milia, also commonly referred to as milk spots, are very small keratin filled cysts that form on the skin.  They occur mostly around the eye area, but also can appear on the forehead, nose and cheeks.  Milia can appear individually or as small patches.   These little spots can occur in anyone – from newborn babies to adults.

Milia are not painful or itchy and are generally caused by skin that does not slough off normally, usually after chronic sun damage, or after using heavy moisturizers or steroid creams. 

The best treatment is to watch that you don’t apply any heavy creams to the areas you get the milia, and to step up your exfoliation to remove the dead skin.  The ZenMed AHA/BHA Complex is a great way to keep your skin gently exfoliated daily without irritating it any further.  These annoying little spots are nothing to worry about unless they do not go away with basic treatment, or if you are noticing large patches frequently.  Most of the time, milia will go away, and be prevented, with this basic treatment, but if your milia lingers or concerns you, a doctor can do a simple procedure to remove them.  Do NOT attempt to pick at or remove them on your own or you risk scarring!


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