Nachos – the healthy yet still incredibly yummy way!

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Love nachos but hate the grease they leave behind on your hands and the way you feel stuffed in a bad way after you inhale a batch while out with friends or sitting on your couch in front of a hockey game or movie?  Here are some great tips on making nachos in a healthier – yet still extremely tasty – way.

First of all ditch those high sodium, high fat chips you’ve been using and choose a low sodium whole wheat or multigrain variety.   Or you can use baked tortilla chips – make your own or pick up a bag at your grocery store.  Next, the meat – you can swap out the beef for turkey but if you have to have the beef – make it lean.   Once you have browned the meat – drain off all excess fat and add a few sprinkles of seasoning – do not use one of those pre mixed taco seasoning bags!  They are loaded with sodium and a whole bunch of other unpronounceable ingredients.   Instead choose a blend of chili powder, garlic, turmeric, oregano, cilantro, or parsley.   All of these spices have great health benefits. 

As for the rest of the toppings – use veggies!  Olive slices, tomato slices, shredded lettuce, onions, peppers – whatever you like.  Corn and black beans are great on nachos as well and black beans are a very good source of fiber.   And yes, you can still have the cheese – just don’t load it on.   You’ve got enough other yummy stuff on there that you don’t need a ton.

As for dips – guacamole is an OK choice.  It is fairly high in fat but it’s not bad fat so you can have a bit.   Sour cream is not your best option so swap that out and use hummus!   Hummus is quite healthy and will add a lot of flavor.  And do not forget the salsa!  Salsa is an extremely healthy choice and is also a nacho staple.

So enjoy the upcoming hockey playoffs with a plate of nachos.  Invite your friends over – they will think they are so yummy and won’t believe they are actually healthy!


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