Natural Beauty

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natural beauty

We all want beautiful radiant skin and have a natural beauty glow that not only makes us look good but also makes us feel good.


Sometimes this can be rather difficult due to the effects that some skin care products can have on our skin. These harmful products which contain fragrances, artificial dyes and man-made chemicals should be kept away from your skin and certainly not used on a daily basis.


Research has shown that the average woman uses 10 different products each day which contain 175 chemical compounds and 60% of these are directly absorbed by your skin.


Using these harmful products over a period of time on your skin can lead to skin allergies and problem skin, including dry flaky skin and if you already suffer from problem skin then this can cause further irritation and outbreaks.


To solve these problems and let your natural beauty shine through you must avoid these products and only use natural skin care products that contain ingredients to nourish and protect your skin without causing any damage.


It’s extremely easy to switch to natural skin care products as so many companies are introducing products that don’t contain any harmful ingredients.


Zenmed provides doctor formulated skincare products for people who suffer with problem skin. Our products are cruelty free and contain absolutely no chemicals that are harmful to your skin. Not only that but we also use 100% recycled packaging.


It’s not just the everyday woman or man that’s interested in their natural beauty, many celebrities are also taking time to portray how beautiful they look without covering their faces in make-up and only using natural skin care products.


Two beautiful women of Hollywood fame have taken time to share their own beauty regimes.


Jennifer Garner is an incredible natural beauty who is a total devotee of natural skin care products. Jennifer tries to avoid hazards such as sun, wind and pollution as much as she can. Jennifer says she only ever uses organic products that nourish her skin and protects her from premature ageing. Jennifer highly recommends a good eye cream and avoids, alcohol, smoking and processed foods. As with her skin she feeds her body with only natural organic produce.


Nicole Kidman is another stunning Hollywood actress who is now in her mid-forties but certainly doesn’t look it. Nicole has very pale skin and red hair, her skin is prone to freckles and too much sun can damage her skin if she spends a small amount of time in it, which can cause premature ageing. Nicole says she only uses natural skin care products, including jojoba oil and eats a natural wholesome diet.


It certainly pays to use natural products that enhance your natural beauty, even if you aren’t a Hollywood actress.


Try ZENMED and let your natural beauty shine through.



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