Natural & Organic Skin Care Products

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natural and organic

More and more people are finally starting to benefit from using natural and organic skin care products, perhaps you are one of them?

It’s important that you know the difference between the two as sometimes deciding on which product to buy can become slightly confusing.

Natural products are made from minerals and plants that grow naturally, not in a laboratory or are man-made. Naturally free from chemicals, preservatives and fragrances.

Organic products are grown without chemicals and pesticides; they are not tested on animals and undergo minimal processing. When the various oils are extracted from the plants and herbs no chemical processing was used. For a product to be certified with made with organic ingredients it must contain at least 70% organic ingredients.

With both natural and organic products it is always best to check the ingredients, especially if you suffer from sensitive or problem skin as certain ingredients can cause flare-ups even if they are completely natural and each person reacts differently to various ingredients.

Some products are labelled hypoallergenic but that really doesn’t mean that that product is right for you skin, always investigate before you decide on a product.

Each person is different and each person’s skin reacts differently and there isn’t any guarantee that the product that you have seen on the TV or in a magazine will be right for you.

Botanical is also another word that is used in many skin care products but although this is natural because the ingredients come from trees or plants it doesn’t mean that it is also organic.

Your skin absorbs a large percentage of everything that you put on it, so choosing products that are natural or organic will provide your body with a higher level of nourishment that it so rightly deserves.

There are many products on the market that claim they are natural or organic, one particular company that produces hair care products claimed their shampoo contained organic ingredient but unfortunately the product contained synthetic petrochemicals and has a moderate toxicity level. That’s why it’s always best to check the ingredients before you purchase any product whether it is skin care or hair care.

Skin care products cannot claim that they are containing 100% natural ingredients because with natural or organic ingredients they do need a small amount of certain preservatives for the product to last.

If you were to take a product that contains cucumber, how long do you think a cucumber would last without going bad? Only a matter of days that’s why when it is included in a skin care product a small amount of preservatives are added to keep the cucumber element fresh.

Ultimately it really is up to you what you decide to use on your skin.

My advice to you is do some research into your skin care products before you go ahead and purchase them.

When you look at the label the main ingredient in the product will be displayed at the beginning of the list of ingredients.

If you see organic or natural at the bottom of the list then the amount in the product is minimal, which means that the product is unlikely to provide your skin with the greatest of benefit.

On top of natural and organic ingredients look out for products that are supportive of the environment and don’t use animal testing or products.



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