Study says that chocolate DOES cause acne – but does it really?!

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Just when we thought we had it figured out that chocolate, and other sweets, did not cause acne per se, headlines and reports seem to tell us otherwise.  These reports are stating that they have absolute proof that chocolate does cause acne!

I have looked into the reports and what many dermatologists, scientists, and health specialists that were interviewed have to say.    The good news is that we don’t need to panic – they all agree these claims are bogus are they are holding to the theory that anything in moderation will not hurt your skin.   In fact, small doses of dark chocolate can actually boost anti-oxidants,  improve your health and a German study shows it can actually protect your skin from harmful UV light..

Just as I have written about in the past – as long as you have a mostly healthy diet and take care of yourself, your skin should be fine.   Of course if you do seem to notice a correlation between your skin breaking out in acne or a rash after you eat a particular type of food – you probably do have sensitivity or an allergy and you should be tested to know for sure.

Is there a particular food that you know causes your breakouts or skin rashes??  Have you had any allergy tests for certain food sensitivities??  Let us know your experiences in the comments section.


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