New Year, New You: 7 Things That Will Convince You to Ditch the Sugar Addiction

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Become a better version of yourself this year. That’s the ultimate goal we all want, right? I researched a lot about nutrition for my personal goals this year. I want to share something with you that I found interesting.

This post in the New Year, New You series revolves around something we hear about all the time. Sugar. Specifically, the bad stuff found in sodas and sugary treats. However, you should watch your intake on “good sugars” found in fruit as well.

Sugar is dangerous, unhealthy, leads to horrible diseases and has horrible effects on our skin. However, we continue to consume sugar on a daily basis despite the dangers. Here is a list of some crazy consequences of putting sugar into our bodies.

Sugar Transforms You Into a Zombie

That jolt of energy doesn’t come close to the horrible crash it causes. Did you know that it only takes 30 minutes for that sugar high to leave? Then you crave more sugar. It’s a relentless cycle that drains your energy, makes you cranky and has you walking around like a zombie.

Your Blood Vessels Become Tense

When you consume sugar, it creates an excess amount of insulin in the bloodstream. This causes tense artery walls, which leads to high blood pressure, stroke or a heart attack.

You Might As Well Take Up Street Drugs

The relentless high and crash cycle of sugar turns your body into a junkie. In fact, sugar triggers your brain’s pleasure center, much like it does with street drugs. And, much like junkies, you will develop a tolerance that makes you crave more and more to get a high.

The Body Forgets How to Operate

Eventually, sugar turns off your body’s ability to tell you that you feel full. Instead, you become a ravenous animal that always feels hungry. Aside from the sugar itself, this also causes the body to gain more weight. You’ll continue to feel hungry, even though you’re overeating.

Short Term Happiness, Long Term Depression

Addiction to sugar increases your risk of depression. You think sugar makes you feel better, but it’s a fleeting happiness. In the long term, you will actually feel depressed because the brain will release lower levels of dopamine than normal.

Ultimately, It Will Wreak Your Face

This is probably the most relevant point for the ZENMED audience. A lot of bad stuff happens in our bodies when we consume sugar. Ultimately, the result leaves our skin dry, wrinkly and saggy skin. Want a surefire way to look years older? Keep consuming that sugar.

Now you know the effects this has on your body. Please watch this video. It contains great information about overcoming your addiction:

Do you want to beat these cravings in 2014? Comment below with your commitment to a New You this year.

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