Oxygen facials – a miracle for your skin or a waste of money?

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The latest rage among the celebrity set is oxygen facials.  These specialized facials are basic facials using a special machine which delivers concentrated atomized moisturizer to your skin.   The claims are that your skin will look younger, healthier, and have a huge dose of antioxidants delivered transdermally into your body.

These facials cost on average $100-$200 more than a basic facial and are offered at several high end reputable salons.  Celebrities swear by them but are they really worth it?

Dermatological and scientific studies show that there is no evidence that these really work as well as they say.   Experts say that skin cannot absorb oxygen so there is no way it can penetrate and make your skin healthier and younger.   Any possible benefits that show up on the skin afterwards can be attributed to the basic facial itself and the possible plumping effect from the oxygen, but these will most likely be very temporary results.

These facials will not hurt you, so if you have the funds and inclination to have an oxygen facial – go right ahead, but why spend all that money to get no real result?  Using a good quality skincare line, eating a healthy diet, and maybe getting the occasional basic facial will give you the best results for your skin.


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