Parsley – not just a garnish

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You may know parsley as just that little green tree-like piece of garnish thrown on the side or top of your plate in restaurants that is generally pushed off to the side and not eaten.  But parsley actually has some surprisingly great health and skin benefits.

Parsley is fantastic for digestion and for breath freshening – which is exactly why it is often included on your plate with meals.  Anything that gets your digestion going is going to be good for your skin because you need a healthy, clean body to have healthy, clean skin.  Parsley is high in iron so it is recommended for fatigue and anemia and contains many more vitamins, as well as has a shockingly high antioxidant level, so it is great for boosting your immunity and helping to prevent against aging and some cancers.

It has now become popular in spas to use parsley in their skincare.  Natural health advocates say they not only eat a lot of parsley – and even add it to their smoothies – but they make their own masks using chopped up parsley mixed with honey then apply them to their hair for shine, or their skin for detoxification.  I even found a recipe online for making little baggies full of chopped parsley to help with any swollen areas on your skin – including your puffy eyes!

I am shocked at how much more parsley actually is other than just a garnish.  I plan on buying some parsley soon to add to my cooking – although probably not to my smoothies – and you should remember to at least eat your garnish next time you are out for a meal.


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