ZENMED prides itself on being two things: Doctor-formulated and naturally based;

Our number one commitment to our customers is to offer products that work. On the other hand, we believe that it is our duty to offer products that are chemical free and environmentally conscious. Not only does this philosophy protect our customers from harmful ingredients, it allows people with both sensitive skin and various belief systems to use our products without concern.




Fruits and Vegetables are utilized and implemented into all of our products and, by examining them at their most basic level, we have been able to put together a line of products with strengths to suit a variety of different skin concerns without ever needing to turn to synthetic or harmful alternatives. Some of the basic plant structures we utilize in our products are called ‘Plant Sterols’.




In the simplest explanation I can come up with, Plant Sterols are natural compounds found in all fruits and vegetables and are essentially vegetable fats that enhance the human immune system.

The relationship between Plant Sterols and Cholesterol is important to note in that they are similar compounds with conflicting personalities. For starters, Plant Sterols have been known to reduce cholesterol if ingested but the main purpose for me bringing it up will be revealed shortly.





Treating gallstones

Enhancing sexual performance

Boosting the immune system

Treating the common cold and flu

Treating asthma

Relieving menopause symptoms

Helping with hair loss or baldness



BENEFITS OF PLANT STEROLS (cosmetic introduction)

Boosting epidermal moisture retention internally

Strengthening the protective skin barrier with external stimulation

Providing convenient topical delivery absorption




Remember how I mentioned cholesterol before? Well here is why.

Cholesterol has a pretty bad rap when it comes to its effects on the human body and is often associated with being unhealthy in general, as the beloved Honey Nut Cheerios bee likes to point out. But what people don’t always know is that it is also a major contributor to your healthy skin relating specifically to the epidermal layer… internally.


Notice that word at the end there? ‘Internally’. Although cholesterol is important in keeping the epidermal layer of your skin healthy and radiant, it can actually cause acne and inflammation if applied directly to the skin. This is where Plant Sterols come in.


As I mentioned before, cholesterol and Plant Sterols are very similar compounds and, although having different ‘personalities’, can work for you interchangeably in some cases, your skin being one of them. Dermatologists discovered this little crossover and have come up with a solution for you, one that ZENMED has adapted into it’s diverse line of skin care products: Plant Sterols can actually mimic the effects of cholesterol in the skin and they do so without the negative side effects of direct application. What’s more, they have been shown to increase elasticity and have anti-wrinkle and repairing characteristics.




When Plant Sterols are applied to the skin they work to keep the structural integrity of the cell membrane which helps to reduce any existing and future inflammation in the skin, improve the metabolism process within the skin, and aid in moisture retention (which likely explains its anti-wrinkle, repairing, and elasticity benefits).


Plant Sterols are easily absorbed and penetrate your skin in order to act as a barrier between it and the harsh outer world.




A quick summary of the Plant Sterols wonderful ‘anti-’ properties:







Because of these properties, Plant Sterols have become increasingly popular in the cosmetic industry. Since there are no measurable side effects to using Plant Sterols on the skin, and because of the previously mentioned benefits to the Epidermal layer, topical delivery became an easy and obvious way to take advantage of such a beneficial fruit and vegetable compound.


Referring back to the ‘repairing’ and healing qualities that the Plant Sterols possess, research has shown that they may also help repair damage done by the sun as well as stimulate collagen renewal. If that doesn’t open up doors then I don’t know what does!




DermCare Lotion (ca.zenmed.com/products/eczema/DermCare-Lotion/):

One of ZENMED’s most popular and prized lotions, not coincidently or surprisingly, contains Natural Phytosterol (aka: a plant sterol). The DermCare Lotion is a revolutionary skin lotion that is ideal for skin suffering from dryness and even eczema; and it’s cortisone free! Furthermore, this product is great for the face and even children’s skin.


Argan Oil:

Luckily for ZENMED and our customers, Argan oil contains naturally occurring polyphenols, which makes it great for all of the ‘anti-’ properties listed above.


Although the ZENMED Essential Argan Oil is not available yet, this much-awaited product is on its way! In fact, last weekend at a Calgary AB street festival, at which ZENMED had a booth, samples were given out to the crowds of people waiting to try this revolutionary product. So stay tuned to the ZENMED website and sign up for their newsletter to be the first to hear about it’s debut!