Reduce the Inflammation in your body

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If you have an injury and need to heal temporary inflammation is necessary to help, however if inflammation is present in your body constantly it can lead to problems.  Consistent inflammation in the body can cause a lot of problems leading to skin irritation, aging, and redness, as well as problems with your organs which can lead to chronic problems.

A lot of things can add up when it comes to acquiring inflammation in your body – stress, toxins from the environment, food allergies, dehydration, and a bad diet – just to name a few.   So, how can you tell if you have inflammation in your body?   If your diet is quite poor or you live or work in a toxic, polluted environment you almost definitely do.  Most people just have an underlying “yucky” feeling most of the time such as a slight fever, fatigue, headaches, and an achy body.  If you have had the inflammation for a long period of time your skin may have already started to show the signs – sagging, wrinkling, redness, and an overall pasty or dull look.  Even if you don’t feel like you have inflammation it’s worth considering an anti-inflammatory diet to prevent it from happening, but most people do have at least a little inflammation in their body so it’s worth keeping these things in mind.

The most important steps in keeping your body happy are to reduce stress and get plenty of sleep.  Try to breathe deeply a few times a day in fresh air.  Eat fruits and vegetables, drink lots of water and green tea, eat low mercury fish (salmon, sole, crab), and cook with anti-inflammatory spices (check out my previous blog “Herbs and Spices for Healthy Skin” for more info on that!)  Avoid sugar, processed foods, white bread and pasta, and eating a lot of red meat.  If you believe you may have food allergies or sensitivities – visit your doctor or a naturopath for tests because you should avoid these foods if you do.

You should notice a difference in the way your body feels after a short time, and your body and skin will thank you!


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