Rosacea in Men: Rhinophyma

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Rhinophymaface_of_rosacea_male is one of the many symptoms of Rosacea. Although more women are affected by the condition than men, this serious symptom targets men more often. It is an enlargement of the nose when there is dilation of the follicles, causing a bulbous and reddened appearance. It is a rare disorder that develops from non treatment and is a severe form of Rosacea. It can be diagnosed without testing, but a skin biopsy could be required. This condition can be disfiguring and cause thick patches of skin. It can also cause vision and breathing problems in some severe cases.

Diagnosis is achieved through physical examination. A skin biopsy is taken to check for cancer. This disease typically affects men between the ages of 40 and 60. It is considered to be the end stage of Rosaces in men. As with Rosacea, it can affect anyone but seems more common in persons of Eastern European ancestry. Rosacea may respond to dermatologic treatment and stall the progression to rhinophyma. Avoiding the triggers of rosacea, using proper facial cleaning techniques and treating infections of inflammation with antibiotics or steroids is necessary. Surgery is an option to correct the shape of the nose, it is not guaranteed to be permanent.

Treating the first signs symptoms of Rosacea is important in preventing the progression of the disease to rhinophyma. Not all cases of rhinophyma are related to Rosacea cases, but those that are were undiagnosed or untreated for a lengthy time to reach the stage it is in. Avoiding the triggers of Rosacea including sun exposure, dietary restrictions, and the use of harsh creams or facial cleansers is the first step for men to prevent this reaction.

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