If you think that it is just the everyday person that is suffering with rosacea, then think again!

Even our best loved celebrities suffer from this skin condition; it’s just that when we see them on the big screen or in a magazine, their skin looks flawless, due to their excellent rosacea treatment.

Cameron Diaz, Renée Zellweger, Rosie O’Donnell and Mariah Carey are just a few female celebraties that have been known to suffer from rosacea.

Rosacea causes flushing of the face due to enlarged blood vessels; it can sometimes be mistaken for blushing or even sunburn.

Rosacea can affect your face by causing reddening of the cheeks, nose, forehead and sometimes the neck. It can also affect the ears, chest and scalp. Your skin can become extremely dry and itchy. Facial swelling, known as oedema, may accompany other signs of rosacea.

Rosacea can be triggered by extreme heat, alcohol, spicy foods, cosmetics and even some medications.

before and after zenmed rosacea treatment
There are four subtypes of rosacea.

Subtype 1 – Erythematotelangiectatic Rosacea

This can include, flushing and persistent redness, and may also include visible blood vessels.

Subtype 2 -Papulopustular Rosacea

This can include, persistent redness with transient bumps and pimples.

Subtype 3 -Phymatous Rosacea

This can include, skin thickening, which can result in an enlargement of the nose from excess tissue.

Subtype 4 – Ocular rosacea

This can include, dry eyes, tearing and burning, swollen eyelids, recurrent styes and potential vision loss from corneal damage.

You can experience more than one subtype of rosacea at the same time but you may not experience all four. It is important that you get an early diagnosis for rosacea treatment.

As the systems and signs of rosacea vary from person to person, rosacea treatment can also vary.

An important factor in managing your rosacea is your skin care routine.

A gentle skin-care routine will certainly help control your rosacea. Naturally therapeutic products offer relief from redness, blotchiness, breakouts and visible blood vessels that are the most common symptoms of Rosacea.

After washing your face with lukewarm water, ensure that you blot your face dry with a cotton towel. Never pull, tug or use a rough washcloth.

zenmed rosacea treatmentsSkin care products that are specifically created for rosacea should be used. Also protecting your skin from sun exposure using a sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher is vital.

Some make-ups can be used to conceal the effects of rosacea. Green makeup or green-tinted foundations can be used to help reduces the redness.  A skin-tone foundation with natural yellow tones can also be used but avoiding those with pink or orange.

Follow the right skin care rosacea treatment and you will look as flawless as the celebrities on any red carpet.