Skin irritants you probably never thought of

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If you have tried absolutely everything to get rid of your acne and irritation and nothing has helped, take a look at a few sneaky things that may be irritating your skin that you may not have even thought about!

Think about the makeup you are using.  This could be clogging your pores and doing you more harm than good.  Mineral makeup is generally the best makeup for acne prone and sensitive skin but even this kind may make you break out, so experiment with different types and look for oil free formulas.   Use the lightest touch you can and don’t apply it over parts of your skin that don’t need it if possible.   I have also written in a previous post about the importance of regularly cleaning your makeup brushes because you don’t want to put old makeup back onto your skin, or transfer acne bacteria back and forth.

You may be using skin care products that are beneficial to your skin, but if you are using hair styling products on your hair you could be damaging your skin.   Bangs with hairspray or gel on them can rub against your skin and cause a reaction leading to a rash or acne.  The same goes with any hair that is not pulled back and can touch the face during the day or night.  Most hair styling products contain alcohol that can cause a skin reaction.  Watch what products you put into your hair, keep your hair clean, and wear your hair up while you sleep.

Speaking of while you sleep – be sure to change your pillowcase regularly.   Acne bacteria can rub off at night, and also products from your hair can get on your case, and you put your clean skin down and pick them all back up again.  Be sure to change your case at least every few days if not every night.

The same logic works for your towel as well.  Be sure to use a fresh face cloth every night if you are using one and change the towel you use for your face frequently too.

Be sure your telephone is clean because that is a HUGE bacteria carrier!  It gets thrown around your purse or pocket, it’s handled frequently – and then all those germs go onto your face when you use it.  Switch to a hands free or be sure to clean your phone often.

Jewelry is another one that no one thinks about.  Long dangly earrings can rub onto your face, and necklaces can rub onto your neck and chest.    You could either have an allergy to metal that’s causing any irritations or breakouts, or it could be from bacteria or friction.  Watch out for allergies and be sure to keep your jewelry clean.

You already know to keep your hands off your face, and now that you are aware of these sneaky culprits you can be careful about what is near your face and your skin will stay clear!


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