Good news! Your skin can tell you if you have health issues before you even feel any differently. Each region on your face and neck, as well as the overall condition of your skin, can provide you with signs and clues about the state of your internal health. The following are simply symptoms and changes to be mindful of as you notice any differences in your skin for preventative measures rather than to scare anyone. Simply for educational and engaging purposes! 

Surface Skin Issues

  • Velvety Rashes: These types of rashes can be associated with, most commonly, type 2 diabetes or, less commonly, cancers such as liver or stomach, according to the Mayo Clinic. You will find such rashes either on the back of the neck or various spots around the arm. Alternatively, if you have a purple rash located on your lower legs or the tops of your feet, this could be a sign of Hepatitis C if topical medication or anti-fungal creams are not effective.


  • Discoloration: While many people might be familiar with the yellowing or jaundice of the skin relating to possible liver disease, other discolorations exist, as well. If you are experiencing a bronzing discoloration, this could be due to issues metabolizing iron in people with diabetes. And, if your scars, joints, elbows, knees, or skin folds appear to be darkening, you may have a hormonal disease.



  • Growths: Any new growth should be examined by a medical professional straight away as they can be associated with cancer. Another possible scenario includes yellow bumps related to diabetes. Such clusters are often found on one’s backside, arms, or legs.  


  • Knuckles: If you find yourself with red and scaly bumps on your knuckles, this could be associated with inflammatory muscle disease, diabetes, thyroid issues, or even ovarian cancer.


Facial Regions

Even the different facial regions can reveal secrets to your internal health concerns.

  • Forehead: Blemishes may result from digestive issues such as eating too quickly or a poor diet, and dehydration or even stress.


  • Gap Between Eyebrows: Your liver and stomach are associated with this region; therefore, if you drink too much alcohol or consume greasy foods, you are likely to see issues here.


  • Nose: Your nose is often directly correlated to your heart. If you have issues with the skin on your nose, take a look at your salt intake and check your blood pressure and circulation. It is also sensitive to anxiety, depression, grief, and other emotional states.


  • Lip Area: Issues around your mouth can be related to reproductive health such as ovulation, menstrual cycle, reproductive organs, or a hormone imbalance. It can also be related to low fiber consumption.


  • Chin: Your chin is also related to your reproductive organs, as well as your stomach and liver. Issues can be related to dehydration, hormones, and greasy food.


  • Ears and Temples: Kidneys are linked to the eas and temples. Issues can result in dehydration, stress, and excess oil production.


  • Under Eyes: The kidneys, liver, and intestines can be associated with under eye issues such as poor sleep habits, rubbing makeup into the skin, and dehydration.


  • Cheeks: The respiratory system, lungs, and liver are the gatekeeper to the cheeks. Issues arise from smoking, pollution, allergies, cell phones, and dirty pillow cases. The upper cheeks are related to sinuses. And, consuming too much sugar and gum disease can cause issues in the cheeks, as well.


  • Jawline: Your jawline is representation of your hygiene and stomach, so issues may arise if you are not washing your jawline enough or if you eat greasy food.


  • Neck: Thyroid issues can be directly linked to neck breakouts.


Again, simply because you have one of these signs does not guarantee that something is inherently wrong with you. These are simply some of the skin issues that can sometimes be clues to internal health concerns. If you are concerned, see your dermatologist or doctor and they will guide you in the right direction. Plus, it is always best to be preventive and cautionary when it comes to your health!