Winter season really gets harsh for dry skin whereas peeps with oily skin find it easier to manage their skincare regimen during the colder months. But, summer season is no picnic for any skin type. Sure, the thought of wearing breezy flowy bath suits and hitting beaches looks very fascinating. But, during the summer season when you would be showing more skin, taking care of your body skin gets as significant as your facial skin.

Skincare products including daily shower gels, soaps, shaving creams and sunscreens may have ingredients that can prove extremely harmful for your skin during the summer season. Imagine your skin as a porous bath sponge. The more water you would pour onto it, the softer it would feel against your body. Similarly, moisturizing your face and body during the summer is the first key to maintain a healthy happy and radiant skin during the weather. If during the winter season, the dry environment and chilly weather cause skin dehydration, during hot and humid climate, the heat from the sun and few skin care ingredients can dehydrate your skin, so watch out.

Here is a brief list of skin care ingredients that may do you more harm than good during the summer season, so develop a habit of reading the ingredient list:

Alcohol – The Percentage Matters

From your body wash to facial gel to shaving cream, you would find alcohol an ingredient in most of skin care and body products. Several articles available online bashes alcohol as one of the worst ingredient to have in your skin care. But, you need to comprehend that alcohol in skincare is a complicated phenomenon to understand.

If alcohol is used in a smaller percentage in your body wash and facial cleanser as a cleansing agent, it’s good. However, avoid using calming facial toners, mists and body butters or moisturizer that have exceeding percentage of alcohol since it can terribly dry your skin.


Formaldehyde is majorly used in perfumes and even in nail polish removers, however, it can also make its way sneakily in few skincare products for the sake of adding fragrance. Formaldehyde can cause dermatitis and may irritate sensitive skin when use regularly, we say it is better you ditch it.

Citrus-Based Products Used In Daylight

It sure is tempting as hell to bathe in vitamin C serum or pick up skincare that list citrus based products as an ingredient. Since vitamin C or citrus is known to lighten scars and pigmentation. But vitamin C can increase skin’s photosensitivity. Avoid using it in daylight at all costs. It is better to incorporate it in your PM skincare routine.


Oxybenzone is found in most of chemical sunscreens. While effective, it can dry out skin. It is better if you opt for physical sunscreens and look for ingredients such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide instead.


Aluminum is linked to cause Alzheimer’s and even breast cancer. As summer approaches, we all lean towards powder antiperspirant, and some of them may contain aluminum, so watch out.