Smile for Glowing Skin

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woman smiling

It is a fact that as you age you will gradually start to see wrinkles on your skin; from your head to your toes but there is one way you can help to keep your skin glowing and that is simply to smile often.

Regular bouts of smiling have huge health benefits and can go a long way to improve your facial muscle tone and elasticity. After all, wouldn’t you rather have ‘smile lines’ than angry, stressed or depressed lines?

Smiling is a positive action or a positive reaction which is usually caused by something that has stimulated you physically or psychologically. This creates a chemical reaction in your body which sends a signal to your brain to bring on feelings of happiness.

Mini questionnaire:

Think about yourself for a minute and answer these questions;

Q1 – Are you regularly stressed?

Q2 – Do you feel dull on some days?

Q3 – Do you have wrinkles appearing or tired skin?

Q4 – Do you lack confidence?

Q5 – Could you be happier?

If you answered yes to two or more questions then it is time you started to smile more!

Smiling helps to stimulate the capillaries in the face which improves circulation and brings oxygen to your skin.

Smiling can dramatically boost your confidence. Smiling is contagious, infectious and it really gives your face a glow. It can make you seem more friendly, approachable and attractive too.

Smiling helps to relieve stress with releasing the ‘feel good’ hormone serotonin and endorphins which naturally boost your mood.. More smiling means less stress and therefore less wrinkles.

It can also help to lower your blood pressure.

Smiling also helps to stimulate your immune system, those who smile often are less likely to become unwell and if you laugh daily you’re pretty much guaranteed to become superhuman.

Smiling will also help you to look younger. They say a smile is an instant face lift and that is because you use so many muscles to smile it’s like a workout for your face.

Try these face exercises to help strengthen your facial muscles and remember to laugh often!

So turn that frown upside down and smile because it is fantastic for your skin 🙂


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