Some little changes net some big results!

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A few weeks ago I wrote about how my health and skin was suffering because I hadn’t been taking proper care of myself.  I just wanted to update my progress for everyone.

It just goes to show that it really doesn’t take that much time to make a few changes in your life to reap the benefits.  I am already feeling and looking so much better!  And I’ve shed a few pounds in the process!  Making the decision to drink more water and green tea instead of soda, dry brushing before my nightly bath or shower, and cooking up more veggies and snacking on smoothies instead of potato chips is easy and obviously better for me.

I have been going for walks each day – sometimes as short as 20 mins, sometimes as long as an hour or so, depending on how much time I had and that has already given me a lot more energy.   Unfortunately I woke up yesterday to about 15 cm of snow on the ground which put a huge cramp in my walking plans.   For those of you who are not familiar with Victoria weather – it snows maybe twice a year and rarely drops below freezing, so most of us Victorians do not have the proper footwear or heavy enough coats to venture outside very far.  I did not want to hole up at home and do nothing so I had to compromise – a few trips up and down the stairs a few times a day and hauling out my old yoga DVD were nice alternatives to my daily walks.

I always forget that you can reap so many benefits from slipping in just a few minutes of exercise a few times a day and choosing healthier foods – but the last few weeks have set me straight.   Just remember – it doesn’t take a lot of time or energy to make these changes and your skin and body will benefit – I promise you!


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