Soothing Dry Cuticles

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Dry cuticles can be so painful. It’s amazing how sometimes the smallest area of your body can cause the most grief.  If you’ve had dry, cracked cuticles, you know exactly what I’m talking about.  We’re in mid-September now, which means the cold, blustery weather is well on its way.   Take some times to learn how to treat your cuticles and see if you can ward off the painful problem this fall and winter.


Don’t Cut Them.  If you’ve ever had a manicure, you probably think that’s crazy advice, but the reality is, cutting your cuticles can cause them to become infected and leaves them jagged and prone to painful cracking.  Continue on with your manicure, just tell the nail technician to skip the cuticle cutting.   (Yes, even if she tries to talk you into it.) Cuticles really do serve a purpose in protecting the nail bed from infection and when well cared for do not take away from a nail’s appearance.


Apply Lotion After Every Washing.  It’s so important to moisturize our hands after every washing in the fall and winter because the elements zap the moisturizer right out of our cuticles and nails. Put a tube of hand cream next the soap at your sink to remind you. And always have one in your handbag or at your desk at work.


Apply Oil Every Night Before Bed.  They make specialty nail oils, Solar Oil for example, but any oil will do, even your olive oil.  The reason we recommend doing this at night is because you are already taking time to do your night time skin care routine so one extra step is totally doable. Plus, during the day there are way too many unexpected hand washings to be sure the oil has time to fully soak into your skin. Rub the oil into your cuticles and nails as they will both benefit. For an extra special treat, buy some Vitamin E capsules and pierce one each night, dotting your cuticles with the oil and rub in.  You’ll notice benefits right away.


Wear Gloves.  When you’re doing housework, especially dishes, wear gloves.  The constant in and out of water mixed with the harsh chemicals that you are using to de-grease are putting your delicate nails and cuticles through the ringer.  Get a pair of work gloves and go about your work knowing you’re not damaging your nails. Also, don’t forget to wear winter gloves all season long.



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