Your skin is about to experience a seasonal shock from dry winter skin to excessive humidity. As the harsh cold winds and dry indoor heat begins to make its great escape, it is time to mix up your products and routines to become more suitable for the more pleasant elements of springtime. Ease your skin into the spring with a new skincare routine that includes a few simple steps such as extra exfoliation and a moisturizer with SPF.


Remove the Grime

The harsh elements of winter from strong winds to environmental pollutants can leave your skin dull and damaged. A primary focus for a spring skincare routine should be to bring back the back a glow and radiance to your skin. One of the best ways to do this is by exfoliating . The process of exfoliation will remove the grime and dead skin cells that easily build up during winter months revealing a fresh face to start off the new season right.

Oil-Free Products

Winter beauty products are often heavier to protect your skin more effectively. In the springtime, you do not require such heavy products; therefore, it is essential to switch up your products to better suit the elements of spring. As the humidity begins to settle in, it will be helpful to use oil-free products to help prevent clogged pores and oily skin.


Check Expiration Dates

As the trees and plants begin to blossom, it is a great time to check your expiration dates . If your products are past their expiration dates or they are more than a year old, they can begin to lose their effectiveness. This is particularly imperative in products that contain SPF to protect your skin against the sun. While you should use sunscreen year round, it is even more important to do so as the sun begins to gain strength and your skin becomes more susceptible to sunburns. The same is true of bacteria growth in products that have reached their expiration dates or you use them improperly or they are too old. It is a great idea to incorporate a replacement routine each spring.

Sunglasses and Eye Cream 

Another skincare issue that arises as the sun becomes more powerful is the protection of your eyes. Be sure you wear sunglasses everyday to prevent the act of squinting that leads to new wrinkles. It is also a good idea to use eye creams and serums to reduce fine lines around your eyes and to minimize the appearance of crow’s feet.   

Vitamins and Supplements  

Use skincare products filled with vitamins to make it easier for your skin to bounce back with a vengeance. A boost in vitamin C  will provide your skin with the nutrients required to plump your skin, minimize wrinkles, and reduce the appearance of dark spots. The right all-natural supplements will help to detox your skin from within to enhance the effects of the products you use on a daily basis.  

Wake up your skin this spring by making a few simple changes such as to use eye cream and to take supplements. Your skin will thank you with a radiant glow to go alongside with the warmer weather. And, not forget to check your expiration dates and to exfoliate regularly for the best results.