Stress and your skin

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Feeling stressed?? Tense, nervous, unable to relax?? Whatever the reason for your distress, it’s best if you can find a way to control it because in addition to being bad for your overall health, stress can sure do a number on your skin!
When your body feels stress a lot can happen – blood vessels can become abnormally constricted or dilated, causing your skin to either redden or pale, sometimes alternating between the two. Stress also raises both cortisol levels as well as free radicals in the skin. Raised cortisol levels cause an increase in oil production in the skin, which can lead to acne. Free radicals are the harmful toxins that can age your skin rapidly! Your skin under stress can quite often be starved of blood and oxygen which, in addition to leaving your skin dull and lifeless, can trigger other skin conditions such as hives, psoriasis, warts, cold sores, blisters and rashes. A natural response to stress is to furrow your brow or pout or frown and these repeated motions can lead to fine lines etched into your skin!
So, how can you prevent stress from harming your skin? The most helpful things you can do for your body to best manage your stress is to get enough sleep, eat properly , exercise regularly, and indulge in activities that relax you – such as massages, meditation, yoga, and other relaxation techniques. Taking stress reduction supplements can help as well. So, find your happy place, let yourself relax and melt your stress away….


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