Surprising factors to thinning hair

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Do you find that your hair lately has been a lot thinner than you remembered it being?  When you put it up in a ponytail do you have to wrap the band around three times now instead of only two?  Sometimes thinning hair can be an indication of something that’s wrong in your body, or an unfortunate side effect of some medication you are taking, but quite often you are damaging it yourself!   Here are a few things to consider before you go to see your doctor.

  1.  Do you wear your hair up in a ponytail a lot?  Do you use a flatiron every day?  Your hair could be damaged and is breaking off.  Generally you will notice a lot of flyaway’s or shorter hairs around your crown if this is the case.   Cut down on your heat styling, use a deep conditioner often, and change the position on your ponytail so it doesn’t put pressure on the same area of your scalp.
  2. You dye your hair often.   This can cause undue stress on your hair and scalp and cause more breakage.  Make sure your hair is in good condition before you dye it and do not do it any more than every 6-8 weeks.  If in any doubt – leave the dye job to the pros.
  3. Stress.  If you are under stress – strange things can happen to your body.   Your skin can break out, you can get sick, you can get rashes, and your hair could fall out.  Try to incorporate some relaxation techniques into your daily life to keep your body and skin healthy.
  4. You’re dieting.  If you have recently cut out a certain food or are limiting your calories your hair could suffer.  Make certain you are incorporating all your vitamins into your daily diet or take a supplement.
  5. Do you play with your hair a lot?   Twirling your hair constantly can cause it to become weak at the scalp and break off.  Keep your hands out of your hair, or at least twirl different areas.
  6. You style your hair while it’s wet.   All you should do to wet hair is blot – NOT rub – your hair with a towel to take out the excess water, and run a comb through it gently.   Do not brush wet hair and wait until it is completely dry before using a flat iron, or attempting to tease or curl your hair.


Keep your hair and scalp healthy by following the above tips, not over washing your hair, and keeping it well conditioned.


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