The Bare Face: An Emerging Trend?

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Why it’s okay to go without make-up?

In a way, going the no make-up route makes a lot of sense. Women use make-up to hide blemishes, but many make-up products contain irritants that can cause acne breakouts and add more blemishes, thus requiring heavier cover-up. And the vicious cycle continues in a love-hate relationship between women and their make-up.

One benefit of not wearing make-up is that it gives the skin a chance to heal. Allowing your skin to take a break from chemical laden cosmetics helps it to breathe and be restored, and your skin needs this a lot more than you realize. Ditching cosmetics once in a while is actually a good skin care practice that you might want to follow.

Lady Gaga tweets photo of herself without makeup, looks like normal gal


How you can achieve a beautiful bare face look?

If you also desire to go bare faced, you need to remember one thing: skin that is well taken care of does look beautiful even without make-up. And there are four simple steps you can do daily to achieve healthy looking skin.

Acne-Therapy-for-Oily-SkinCleanse. This is very basic skin care, so never ever go to sleep without cleansing your skin. You need to wash the dirt and grime off your face because these attract bacteria and cause pimples. Keep your face clean by using a gentle cleanser that retains your skin’s natural pH.

Tone. After washing your face, use a toner to restore balance to your skin’s moisture. Look for toners that are alcohol free, as alcohol can strip the moisture off your skin and leave it dry.

Moisturize. Oil-free and non-greasy products work best because these tend to be absorbed more easily, allowing them to moisturize the deeper layers of the skin. Don’t use moisturizers that contain artificial colors and fragrances because these will irritate your skin. For day moisturizing creams, those that have additional protection against UV rays are ideal so you won’t have to use a separate sunscreen for your face.

Exfoliating your skin once a week also helps remove dead skin cells and bring out the smoother skin beneath. If you don’t have problematic skin, doing these three basic skin care steps every day is often enough to keep your skin healthy and beautiful so that you, too, can dare to go bare.


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