The Benefits of Siberian Ginseng

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siberian ginseng root

Ginseng is a perennial plant that has fleshy roots and belongs to the Araliaceae family.  It grows in the Northern Hemisphere, Eastern Asia, Eastern Siberia and North America.

Siberian Ginseng is a member of the same family but the compounds ginsenosides that are found in Ginseng are not found in Siberian Ginseng, instead it contains eleutherosides which helps to stimulate the immune system. Siberian Ginseng has a woody and wrinkled root rather than a fleshy root.

It grows between 5-10 feet high; the branches on the plant are covered with thorns and flowers which are yellow or violet colour and turn into black berries in the late summer.

It has been used for many hundreds of years in China and Russia to prevent colds and flu and to boost energy levels. Russia uses Siberian Ginseng as a way to combat stress, both physically and mentally.

Not only is Siberian Ginseng an excellent choice for colds and flu as it boosts the T-cells in your body which strengthen your immune system but it is also fights the herpes virus, making the outbreaks less frequent and severe.  Siberian Ginseng has also been proven to help with mental performance.

Siberian Ginseng can also help to reduce stress by working with the adrenal glands in your body and preventing the depletion of your stress hormones.

Siberian Ginseng other benefits include:

Helping cancer patients deal with chemotherapy and radiotherapy better

Increases energy

Improves recovery time after exercising

Improves physical performance

Improves sexual function

It is available in various different forms including as an ingredient in natural skin care products, solid extracts, liquid extracts, capsules, tablets, powders and teas.

Siberian Ginseng has been used for many years by people of all ages to improve their quality of life. It you feel that you need a boost to improve yours then why not try it for yourself. You could be feeling the benefits of it in no time at all.



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