Can skincare in capsule form really provide benefits to your skincare routine? The beauty from within marketplace is big business offering skincare supplements, however finding out the reasons they might be beneficial or even different from topical skincare products is still somewhat challenging. I set out to find the details about the growing trend of digestible beauty products.

The Skincare Supplements Trend

Pill supplements are everywhere making big claims and promises. Whether you are looking for a dietary aid or acne assistance, you can find a pill for just about anything today. Within the skincare industry, the most in-demand supplements, according to a report by Global Industry Analysts Inc., include those containing carotenoid, collagen, fruit and plant extracts, hyaluronic acid, peptides, phytosterols, and vitamins. An Australian news source released that it estimates the beauty from within industry, also known as the nutricosmetics market, will be worth $7.5 billion by 2020.

The growing demand for nutricosmetics, or rather skincare supplements, varies based on the individual, however such interests are not far off those of topical agents. Some men and women wish to use ingestible beauty products as a way to minimize the need for invasive treatments. Some are looking for new ways to slow the signs of aging. Others are in pursuit of a more holistic approach to skincare. And, others yet believe that internal skincare is equally as important as external skincare which also includes drinking enough water, sleeping the recommended number of hours, eating right, and exercising more.


Capsules versus Topical Agents

It is believed by many skincare and medical professionals that certain types of beauty supplemental assistance products do very well to assist in improved collagen, better tissue hydration, reduction in free radical skin cell damage, diminished wrinkle appearance, improved skin tone, glowing skin, and more. Be sure that you choose a reputable brand and read the labels. Many subpar brands use more filler ingredients than active ingredients that actually make a difference. Active ingredients are imperative if you wish to see results. Professionals are also quick to state that these supplements should be used as an aid rather than a replacement.

Both topical agents and capsule supplements have been proven to provide anti-aging, acne fighting, etc., benefits, however one drastic difference exists. Topical agents have far more testing and proof to backup claims. Some companies that sell ingestible beauty products have not completed any testing whatsoever to simply capitalize on the growth of the nutricosmetics industry. More reputable companies will have conducted at least a few studies with positive results to backup their claims, however the digestible beauty product industry is still in its relative infancy. Also, be sure to consider the ingredients of the beauty capsule. For example, some vitamins are believed to be more effective when used topically in place of an oral substitute such as vitamin A in retinoids when used for acne.

It is true that many oral beauty supplements provide positive results when used as directed. However, there is a catch. To see such results, choose a reputable brand than has proven results with more active ingredients than fillers. And, remember that, at this time, skincare pills are to be used as an aid rather than a replacement. In the coming years, this market is most likely going to explode, so be sure you stay informed!


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