The effective herbal alternative to help with acne

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A lot of people choose not to take prescription antibiotics for their acne because of past problems with side effects, or just not wanting to develop immunity to antibiotics in case a serious health infection comes up in the future and the antibiotics no longer work.   Luckily you have alternatives to antibiotics when it comes to acne – there are a lot of safe, herbs you can take internally that will help to clear your body of acne bacteria with no side effects!

NEEM is a fast growing tree found in tropical and semi-tropical regions.  In India it is known as the “Heal All” or “Village Pharmacy” tree and products have been derived from it for over 200 years.  Neem has proven popular in the treatment of acne as well as helping with the elasticity in the skin.

HONEYSUCKLES grow as shrubs or vines and are native to the Northern Hemisphere.  Honeysuckle has proven extremely effective in treating externally and internally for acne due to its anti-inflammatory properties.  Honeysuckle added to green tea is popular in Chinese cultures to help with skin eruptions.

CHAMOMILE is a flowering plant found in the daisy family.  You can use the dried flowers strained into boiling water as a tea to drink, or make a poultice to kill external acne bacteria.  Chamomile is extremely soothing for the body and also works to naturally purify your blood.

DANDELIONS are a large variety of flowering plants.  Dandelions can commonly be seen as weeds on your lawn but are also grown to use in herbal formulas and teas due to their incredible vitamin, calcium, potassium and iron content.  Dandelion naturally contains high amounts of vitamins A and C which are important vitamins to help with skin care.

SARSAPARILLA is a woody vine that grows quite long and produces many varieties of flowers.  The root of this vine has been used for many centuries as a tonic for skin problems and to treat the liver, where many of the toxins in the body reside.

YELLOW DOCK also commonly grows as a weed although in Europe it is cultivated as a vegetable.   The root is what is used to create dried herbs and teas.  Yellow dock also gently removes toxins from the liver and gallbladder.

Luckily you can find all of these herbs and many more which help to treat acne and detoxify the body in one easy capsule with the Derma Cleanse Capsules.   These safe, natural herbal capsules will clear up your skin from the inside out giving you not only a clear complexion but a healthy glow.


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