Are you drinking green tea?  If not – what are you waiting for!  It contains SO many health and skin benefits.

Green tea contains very high levels of antioxidants which helps the body to absorb other antioxidants and therefore protecting against free radicals and preventing some cancers in the body.  It also significantly reduces sun damage to the skin, and therefore your skin cancer risk.  Green tea helps to fight inflammation in the body and helps to neutralize the aging process.  It has also shown highly effective in helping to reduce some of the symptoms of arthritis as well as promoting weight loss and healthy gums.  Your immune system is also significantly heightened when you ingest green tea regularly which will protect you against colds and flu’s.  In addition to helping with the aging process, drinking green tea will noticeably help your skin by promoting blood flow to the skin and giving it a healthy glow and possibly even aiding in the healing of acne and eczema.

You can incorporate green teas anti-inflammatory and bacteria fighting benefits into your skin care as well.  Brew up a pot, let it cool and put it into a spray bottle.  Keep it in the fridge and spray on your skin to soothe or refresh your skin.

Choose a good quality, preferably loose, green tea and steep for only 1-3 minutes in water brought only just to the boiling point for the perfect cup of tea.  If you do not like the taste of green tea, try adding a bit of honey or lemon to your cup – which will actually add even more antioxidant benefits.  If you still don’t like the taste – try drinking it cold and mixing it with juice, or using it as a base with some fruit for a smoothie.  1-2 cups a day is usually enough to give you the health and skin benefits you are looking for, but be aware that it does contain caffeine so if you are sensitive drink your cups before noon.