The Wonders of Licorice Root Extract

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Licorice root is the root of Glycyrrhiza glabra. It contains glycyrrhizin which is sweet syrup.

The licorice plant is a legume which is part of the pea and bean family. It is native to Southern Europe and certain parts of Asia. Licorice root extract has been known for many years to have medicinal properties.

To obtain the licorice root extract the root of the plant needs to be pounded, it then needs to be boiled in water, partial evaporating of the water results in a syrup and if the water continues to evaporate then this results in a brown crystalline powder. The plant has small spikes of lilac-colored flowers with bean-like pods; these contain three or four seeds.

Licorice root helps support your adrenal gland; it also cleanses the colon and supports lung health. Licorice root is used to treat stomach and intestinal ulcers.  It is also used to relieve rheumatism and arthritis. Licorice root is also great for treating menopause and relieving menstrual cramps

Licorice root extract is used to reduce inflammation and help soothe irritated skin.  It contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds that are used in the successful treatment of eczema and rosacea. It will help soothe your skin from the effects of both of these skin conditions.

anti-redness mask

A product that I would highly recommend is ZENMED Anti-Redness Mask. It is such an excellent product in the treatment against rosacea. It helps minimize the redness and calms down any flushing that you may be experiencing.  It is a very gentle product and can even be used on your eyelids. You won’t find any aggressive chemicals in this product that will irritate your skin further.

Licorice root extract can provide so many benefits to your skins health and research is constantly confirming how effective it is for problem skin.




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