Witch hazel is a completely natural flower from the Hamamelidaceae family and is derived from a shrub commonly grown throughout North America.  The medicinal ingredients are taken from the leaves and bark of the shrub and have been used for its healing properties for many centuries.  Witch hazel has become an extremely popular ingredient for the treatment of acne and other skin conditions.

Witch hazel contains tannin acid, which contains antioxidants, disinfectants, and astringent properties, which work to cleanse, disinfect, and heal the skin.  It is so natural it is very unlikely to create any irritation or skin sensitivity.  Acne prone skin will react favorably because of the reduced inflammation and bacteria, and other skin conditions such as psoriasis, dermatitis, hemorrhoids, and eczema will benefit also because of the reduced inflammation as well as the anti-irritant qualities it contains.  People that use witch hazel on a regular basis also report tighter pores and less swelling and skin eruptions.  It is also beneficial on healing bruises and sores faster and with fewer problems like scaring or infection.  Witch hazel will help to reduce excess oil on the skin but will not dry out or dehydrate the skin.

Witch hazel can be found in pure natural form at drugstores and health food stores – just be sure to get a good quality one, as some are blended with alcohol and other unnecessary ingredients.  Quite a few Zenmed products, such as the Botanical Acne Mask, also contain witch hazel in conjunction with other natural healing ingredients to help with the inflammation and redness in skin promoting healthy, clear skin.