The Wonders of Zinc

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Zinc can be a wonderful addition to your diet if you are suffering from any skin problems as it helps with many, many skin ailments.  Read on to find out what it helps and how to add it to your diet.

Zinc works great as a skin healer for acne, dermatitis and dandruff, and also helps to strengthen the immune system – keeping it free from viruses and keeping your body and skin healthy.  Studies have shown that people who are zinc deficient have a higher reoccurrence of acne, canker sores, and skin ulcers.  Any surface wounds or incisions are also shown to heal faster in those people with adequate levels of zinc in their bodies.

Most people do not have an extreme zinc deficiency but vegetarians and those with digestive issues tend to have lower amounts of zinc in their systems. Certain antibiotics block zinc absorption in the body so it is important to up your zinc intake during and after any medication usage.  It is very hard to get too much zinc in your system if you are relying on food sources so it’s probably worth upping your zinc intake to help keep your skin healthy.

Foods rich in zinc that should be incorporated into your diet include roasted pumpkin seeds, peanuts, pork, beans, peas, lobster, almonds, milk, chicken breast, oysters, and cheese.   The food that is highest in zinc is liver, and surprisingly – and helpfully – chocolate contains zinc!  Also look for packaged foods such as pasta and breakfast cereals that have added iron – if you are going to consume these foods you may as well get the extra iron!

High quality supplements can be taken if you are a vegetarian or are unable to incorporate enough of these foods into your diet, but as always, food sources are always a better way to get vitamins and minerals into your body than supplements.




    Yet another reason for me to eat chocolate. Great post! Thanks for sharing!

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