Tim’s Rosacea story

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Tim’s Story

“I’ve had skin problems for over ten years, initially diagnosed with psoriasis. As a result I was prescribed steroid creams, some very high strength, which I admit to using improperly in panicked moments when my face would flare up. This ultimately caused steroid induced Rosacea.

After being treated with Metrogel and Finacea, neither of which worked at all, I started doing my own online search, ultimately finding ZENMED. When I finally braved the discontinuation of steroid creams on my face and the resultant severe flare-up that followed AND started using the ZENMED Redness Relief Kit with a round of antibiotics and Tacrolimus, my skin finally started to heal.

I am no longer taking the antibiotics nor the Tacrolimus. I am only using ZENMED and my skin has never been clearer. There has been no return to the redness nor the bumps. I couldn’t be happier, goodbye depression.”

Before and Afters

tim_1 tim_2 tim_3


Order what worked for Tim, the ZENMED Redness Relief Kit

  • bdswenson97@gmail.com'



    How good does it work and when can u see results

    • mkshahi@zenmed.com'


      Hi Brian – Our customers have had lots of success with this product line. In terms of seeing results, it really depends on the severity of your skin condition. In general, we like to say that results will be noticeable within 4 – 6 weeks. If you’d like to read more reviews by our customers, please check out our product page here: https://zenmed.com/products/rosacea/Redness-Relief-Kit-Dry-Skin/. Also, I should mention that we offer a 60 day money back guarantee, which allows you to try out our product with little risk. Cheers!

  • neldasheets@gmail.xom'

    Nelda Sheets


    I am new to Roseqcia and interested in your product,c

  • Caverly.ds@gmail.com'

    Doug Caverly


    Are your products available in Canada?

    • mkshahi@zenmed.com'


      Hi Doug! Yes, our products are available to order in Canada through our website: http://www.zenmed.com


  • glenyswoolnough@bigpond.com'

    Barry woolnough


    Would like to know where to but zenmed and the price please

    • mkshahi@zenmed.com'


      Hi Barry! If you head on over to our site at http://www.zenmed.com, all our prices are listed online. Our online store is also where you can purchase all ZENMED products. Thanks for writing in!

  • deborah@deborahbardini.plus.com'

    Deborah Bardini


    I was initially very hopeful when I read your story. After being diagnosed with Rosacea approx a year ago, I have been struggling to find a drug free solution or assistance at least to combat my Rosacea.

    Looking at the formulation in the Zenmed products recommended for Rosacea, they contain oils – albeit natural. However my dermatologist has said to avoid any products containing oils of any kind.

    Any comments on this?

    Thank you.

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