Tips to Improve the Ageing Process

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We can’t stop ourselves from ageing or turn back the hands of time but there are steps you can take to improve the ageing process.

As you age your skin begins to change, you will experience less tone and elasticity but how fast your skin ages depends on a number of factors like how you take care of your skin to avoid premature ageing and your lifestyle. Following a healthy eating plan and taking regular exercise will all contribute to how well you age.

These days so many people see the ageing process as a threat and the whole experience leaves them gasping for air but this certainly doesn’t have to be the case. There are certain steps you can take to make the ageing process easier and less of a shock to your system.

1.    Eyes

Taking care of your eyes is extremely important to improve the ageing process as your eyes can be a sure fire giveaway of how old you are. A good under eye lightweight serum is important to use on a daily basis. A serum that will help reduce the puffiness and darkness from under your eyes and one that also helps with the appearance of wrinkles.  Using an eye serum will make your eyes more youthful and alive.

2.    Makeup

As your skin begins to age you may have the tendency to apply more make-up then you have previously but remember the old saying of “less is more”? This certainly applies when considering your make-up options. Keep it simple. Apply a little colour to your cheeks and eyes. Look for concealers and foundations that contain retinol as using make-up that contains this may help with the increase of cell turnover and collagen production which will help with the appearance of wrinkles. Make-up that contains retinol can make your skin overly sensitive to sunlight, so it’s very important that you use a daily sunscreen with a good SPF.

3.    Sunscreen

You should use a daily sunscreen whatever your age to help prevent premature ageing and especially if you suffer from sensitive skin. A sunscreen of SPF40 is ideal for ageing skin as it will protect you from further sun damage whatever the weather. A chemical free sunscreen is highly recommended as you don’t want to be using ones that contain ingredients that damage your skin, especially as your skin starts to age. Look for a product that contains hyaluronic acid, antioxidants and CoQ10 these both provide a huge amount of benefits to your skin and also help with anti-ageing.

4.    Hands

If you want to know someone’s age then take a look at their hands. Your skin on your hands is very thin and slightly more fragile than anywhere else on your body. Your hands are constantly exposed to the elements which can damage them further over the years and the hands tend to be one of the least looked after parts of the body, the collagen layer makes the skin look weaker and thinner. This can lead to them ageing far quicker than your face. Applying a sunscreen in the morning and throughout the day, especially after you have washed your hands is a good way to take care of them. At night when you are applying your anti-ageing moisturizer to your face use some on your hands as well.

5.    Weight

As you age it’s not so uncommon to gain a few pounds here and there. It’s important that you keep your weight in check as this will cut your risk of health problems down. Stroke, diabetes and certain cancers can all be associated with the ageing process. Taking regular exercise and watching what you eat can not only make you look better but it can also make you feel better.

Follow these 5 tips to help you deal with the ageing process and enjoy your later years with a smile instead of dreading them.





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