Suffering from problem skin can come with an array of difficulties, you may have been told to use a topical steroid to ease the symptoms if you suffer from eczema, psoriasis, acne and dermatitis. These can come in many forms including creams, gels, sprays and lotions.

treating problem skin with topical steroids

Topical steroids are anti-inflammatory medications which are used to treat problem skin; they can help with itching and flaking of the skin. You can purchase Hydrocortisone cream (1%) which is one kind of topical steroid and is easily available at your local store without a prescription from your doctor.

The stronger topical steroids for the treatment of problem skin are only available from your doctor. These will vary in strength depending of the severity of your skin condition.

Understanding the function of your skin and how it works is important before you decide to use topical steroids. Your skin is designed to protect you from the elements including pollution and bacteria’s that are found in everyday items that we touch.

Your skin helps to provide a barrier against the elements but your skin cells sometimes allow pollution and bacteria in, especially if you have sensitive skin or thinning skin. When this happens your chances of contracting viruses can greatly increase.

If you use topical steroids on a regular basis then you can suffer from possible side effects including thinning of the skin, increased infections of the skin, changes in pigmentation of the skin, delayed healing of wounds, irritation, burning and peeling of the skin and possible scarring.

Using topical steroids on the face can cause not only thinning of the skin but if the medication comes into contact with your eyes then this can result in cataract or glaucoma. If you suffer from problem skin in your groin, armpits or under your breasts then these areas should be approached with caution.

As you can see topical steroids come with many side effects that can cause you so many problems later on in life. That is why trying to avoid them may be a better option for you. Instead opt for natural products that don’t contain any harmful ingredients and won’t further damage your skin.

These creams and lotions will provide long term benefits to your skin rather than just a quick-fix solution.

Using topical steroids over-time will not only damage your skin further but their potency and strength will need to be increased, which can cause further damage.

Take a moment today to think about which route you want to take with your problem skin treatment.

By opting for the natural route your skin and your overall health will definitely thank you.

**Please note: If you do suffer from an ongoing serious skin condition and you want to change your treatment, please speak to your medical practitioner before changing any elements in your treatment plan.

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