If you suffer from Rosacea or wonder if you have Rosacea, please read my story HERE.

“Just when I would think I had it under control, the redness came back again — and again. After everything seemed to calm down and my skin finally recovered from a flare-up, I still had that “extra pink” color on my face. I tried to convince myself that it didn’t look so bad… I was fooling myself.

For some, this cycle becomes so frustrating that they “curse the mirror” and pray for some sort of miracle. I’ve tried various treatments over the years to try and control my Rosacea. My dermatologist thought I was questioning his credentials when I asked why nothing he offered was working. Finally, I just accepted my condition and did my best not to trigger flare-ups. That’s all I could do.

Finally, after years of just accepting it, I decided to do my own research online. I found eight different Rosacea products being sold and several home remedies. After almost a year, I found a treatment that cleared my Rosacea completely. “

ZenMed – Rosacea Treatment System

MY RATING: 10/10

The treatment worked right away to tone my flare ups. By the second day I KNEW it was working. After the first week my face was clear. It was amazing because at that point I realized that I had, over time, come to accept my face to be a certain way.  I realized I’d been looking at myself through a “lens” all these years. I’m extremely thankful I found ZENMED. If you’re tired of trying this and that solution, go with ZENMED first.

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