Treatment for Stretch Marks

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Stretch marks are a common problem and can appear anywhere on the body, including the breasts, buttocks, thighs, upper arms and abdomen.

stretch marks

They become noticeable where the skin has been stretched, due to weight gain, pregnancy and bodybuilding. Stretch marks effect both men and women.

Finding the best treatment for stretch marks can sometimes be tough as there are numerous remedies out there.

Certain skin types are much more prone to stretch marks than others, depending on your natural skin colorings. For some people stretch marks begin as raised reddish or dark brown lines that eventually turn a bright purple or violet. Overtime the stretch marks will fade slightly but they won’t disappear completely.  If you suffer from stretch marks, you may find it embarrassing to wear revealing clothes or swimwear.

Taking care of your skin is a good treatment for stretch marks; massaging with a massage brush will increase circulation, applying moisturizing cream to your stretch marks daily will keep your skin supple but won’t totally eliminate stretch marks, and eating healthy foods that contain vitamin E, and C, Zinc and silica can help in the treatment for stretch marks.

Other treatments for stretch marks can include visiting a dermatologist and having cosmetic laser treatment which can result in you spending a large amount of money.

One of the most effective ways in the treatment of stretch marks is using a product that contains Esthetician Grade Glycolic Acid Lotion, which helps to lighten and reduce the appearance of the skin ridges and discoloration that is associated with stretch marks.

As this lotion is extremely potent it is advisable not to use it on your face. It is made for the skin on your body, as this skin is far thicker than the skin on your face.

Bring your confident self to the surface and start your treatment for stretch marks today.




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