TV Personality’s Secrets for HD Quality Skin

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The wonders of HD television and it’s capabilities to produce amazing, lifelike images of your favorite sports stars and action heroes has put them as an electronics “top purchase” during the holiday gift giving season. But for so many people that make their living on the tube, HD has become nothing to be eager about.

Every pore, every wrinkle, fine line, imperfection, is now magnified for the public to see. Kathie-Lee Gifford once joked that she had bad timing to come back to TV when she was 20 years older. So what are the secrets of those that must have HD perfect skin for the cameras? The chemical peel. It is very common for reporters and commentators to have a peel a day before going in front of the cameras. The skin appears refreshed, pores tightened, plump, glowing, and HD perfect.

Are you still hesitant to try one out? Here is a quick information session on how ZENMED’s simple technique can make your skin perfect and exude healthiness, even if you don’t spend your life in front of a camera.

What is a chemical peel?

For the last decade, the chemical peel has been the go-to treatment for hyperpigmentation, fine lines, rough texture, dull-looking skin, and breakouts in most esthetician and medical skin spas.

How does it work?

It is a very simple process. A chemical solution causes a reaction on the skin to cause dead skin cells to peel off. There are synthetic and natural agents that can cause this effect. ZENMED only uses naturally-based glycolic acid, salicylic, lactic, and vitamin C to achieve peeling results.  These acids belong to the alpha and beta hydroxy acid groups. In recent years, beta hydroxy acids (salicylic) have been discovered to penetrate deeper into the pores than some acids and hence have a better effect on acne and inflammation on the skin (redness).

What are typical results?

The visible results of a peel treatment are usually dramatic. But patience is key as it normally takes multiple sessions to see the full results. The only time we hear “I didn’t see any improvement” is when someone has used the Skin Eraser Kit inconsistently and given up. Give it some time and keep moisturizing.  The reason we recommend the peptide-enriched AVT Cream is because it is neutral and soothing, it will seal the skin and help it regenerate quicker than letting skin dry out.

What is the goal?

Skin will look rejuvenated, more plump, feel smoother, fine lines will look more “filled in”. Ridding the skin of the layer of dead skin cells on the surface is what gives skin the “youthful glow” everyone talks about.

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