Vitamin B5

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Most of us will do most anything to have younger looking skin and healthy skin that allows us to put our best face forward day after day. It can be a great way to boost our confidence and allow us to feel good. One great ingredient that can do just that is vitamin B5. This is also a common ingredient in many of ZENMED skin care products as well.

Vitamin B5 is great to help the skin with certain problems that may pop up fro time to time, such as acne. There are many great ZENMED skin care products that target acne and are used specifically to treat acne

Pantothenic acid is another name for vitamin B5. This is one of the eight B vitamins and is a water-soluble vitamin which we all must have sustains life. Pantothenic acid must be present to make coenzyme-A (CoA), and is a must for metabolism and synthesis of nutrients which we get from certain foods.

As far as the chemical structure, it is the amide between D-pantoate and beta-alanine. The name comes from Greek, pantothen (παντόθεν) meaning “from everywhere” and small quantities of pantothenic acid are easy to find in foods. There are many foods which have a very high amount of it.

Vitamin B5 is often used to help treat acne and is quite effective when used on a regular basis to do so. This vitamin can be a strong weapon against acne. Many people swear by vitamin B5 for many of the skin care treatments to aid the skin. If you want to get rid of acne you may want to make it part of your skin care routine.

You will Vitamin B5 in many of ZENMED skin care products. Many of their product line offers the ingredient vitamin B5 to aid in the reduction of acne and help to rebuild the skin that was damaged. If you want to be certain you are doing all you can to get rid of acne, you will want to be certain you use vitamin B5 and one of ZENMED great skin care products to assist you in your battle. It can make a significant difference in the overall appearance of your skin and allow you an opportunity at beautiful skin in the process. So, do not hesitate to use ZENMED to help your skin look its best.


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