What are Rosacea Mites

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Demodex Folliculorum is the scientific name for a mite that lives in the hair follicles of humans. These mites eat off of dead skin cells and although they can be found on any part of the human body, they seem to prefer the face. They can cause hair loss and linked to skin conditions like Rosacea. Studies of this parasite have shown that half of patients who were found with mites were also diagnosed with Rosacea. In the spring time when Rosacea flares up more often, the number of mites increased in these patients. The number also increased in patients who developed steroid induced Rosacea. There are ointments available that kill these mites.

These mites do not cause Rosacea, but they do play a strong roll in trigger the disorder and causing a worsening in symptoms. They clog skin follicles which trigger an inflammatory response and cause a reddening of the skin. It is possible to have an allergic reaction to the mites or the bacteria that harbor them. They can multiple and penetrate deeply into the skin, inflaming it and causing pimples. While the mites live in the hair follicles to protect them from light, they do come out at night and can mate to multiple. It is important to practice proper skin care to aid in the remedy of these parasites. These mites can go unobserved because of their semi transparent coloring, but will result in conditions like Rosacea that cause itching and inflammation.

These Rosacea mites are more present in adults because Products are available to help eliminate these mites, but the best remedy is simply proper skin care. Washing the face each night to eliminate dead skin cells and cleaning out the pores will take away the ability for these parasites to survive.


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