What is Contact Dermatitis?

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Contact dermatitis is irritation of the skin that is often caused by the skin touching some type of foreign substance. It is often localized to the area that it came into contact with. You may develop a rash on the area that has come into contact with the substance and you may begin to itch. This dermatitis will remain on the skin until you have removed the substance and you treat the infected area.

There are a lot of different plants that may cause this type of dermatitis. If you work with plants or different types of vegetables and you begin to notice some skin irritation, you may be suffering from contact dermatitis. Because of this, you should always wear gloves when you are handling different types of plants and foods. This will help decrease the likelihood of your skin coming into contact with the substance that causes the irritation. Prevention is most often the first line of defense against dermatitis and you would be playing it safe by wearing gloves.

It may be a good idea to have testing done in order to determine what is causing the dermatitis to break out on your skin. You can have allergy testing done in order to help you figure out what exactly you are allergic to. You can then begin to avoid these triggers so that you are not constantly getting the contact dermatitis. You may also want to consider getting treatment in the form of medications and topical creams that can help you manage your symptoms.

Contact dermatitis
can be managed by simply eliminating the cause. Once you find out what is causing your skin to break out in the rash you need to remove it. If you continue to have complications you may want to talk to your doctor again. It may take time to figure out what is causing your complications. You may even find out that you have more than one trigger.


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