What is Ocular Rosacea?

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Rosacea primarily affects the face and can cause problems to the skin around the eyes. About half of those who develop Rosacea will have problems with the area around their eyes. Redness, itching, dry, bloodshot eyes, and burning eyes are the first signs. The eyelids become inflamed or swollen and cause blurred vision. There is sensitivity to light and the constant feeling that a sand like substance is trapped under the eyelids. Crusted mucus can develop around the eyes and cause them to close much like conjunctivitis. Ocular Rosacea is a serious condition and needs to be treated quickly to keep it under control. It is possible for it to develop into more serious conditions like corneal disease which can lead to ulcers on the eye, infections of the eye, or vascular issues that can all cause blindness.

Treatment is tailored to the individual since there is not a specific treatment that works in every patient. The use of artificial tears help to lubricate the eyes and should be used numerous times throughout the day. Ointments can be used at night to help with lubrication and to aid against the crusting of mucus. Using a warm compress in the morning to wipe away any impurities before opening the lids might be necessary.

Skin care products that are not developed for sensitive skin can cause further irritation to the eyes, so only products manufactured for the eyes should be used for cleansing. Applying only light pressure is recommended, since enlarged blood vessels trigger Rosacea symptoms. Oral antibiotics can also be prescribed to help aid against Rosacea and have been effective in patients who have cases of Ocular Rosacea as well. Topical steroids can prove helpful for managing inflammation but should be used carefully around the eye areas. Wearing sunglasses to protect against the suns harmful rays is a wonderful preventive for Ocular Rosacea.

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    Let me start by saying I have longtime reader, first time commenter. I figured I might as well say thanks for posting this piece (and all your others), and I’ll be back!

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    Great tips! Rosacea is a not a critical medical issue unless we treat it an early stage. It may be formed due to many causes such as extreme environmental condition, unhealthy lifestyle and many others. But the positive thing is that it can be cured. There are a lot of option such as natural home remedies, natural ingredients and others herbals containing products.

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