What is Spirulina?

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There has been a lot of talk lately in health food magazines about spirulina.  I even mentioned it in my previous blog post as natural alternative to eye shadow.  But I admit – I didn’t really know what it was until I did some further research.  Let me share what I found.

Spirulina is a fresh water blue-green alga living in the sea – a healthy form of bacteria.  It is cultivated all around the world but is especially popular in Japan and very widely used by the Japanese culture.  It is mainly used as a dietary supplement as well as a feed supplement for aquariums.

The benefits of spirulina are vast – which is why it has become so popular.  It contains many vitamins such as all of the B’s which are vital for energy and keeping stress levels down, as well as Vitamins C and E  for their antioxidant properties, Vitamin D to help the immune system, and Vitamin A for its benefit on the skin.  Spirulina also contains a higher level of protein than almost any other supplement or product which is essential for energy and metabolism.  It also contains iron, magnesium, zinc, and calcium – all great minerals for the body.  So you can see why spirulina is the hot supplement these days!

There has also been some research done using spirulina for use in the treatment of HIV and other immune system issues, as well as neurological problems – there seems to be hope, yet no conclusive research in these areas yet though.  Other studies that are currently being embraced by doctors and natural health practitioners show spirulina supplements help with anemia and the lowering of cholesterol.

If you are looking to feel stronger and more energetic – spirulina may be for you.  Most users report noticing a difference in energy levels within a week, with immune boosting properties and a glowing complexion soon after.  Spirulina is available in tablet forms you can take, or powder form that you can add to smoothies or water.  Be sure that you buy your supplement from a reputable health store and follow the dosage instructions carefully.


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