What type of acne do you have?

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Most people do not realize that not all acne is the same.  There are several types of acne you need to be aware of because not all of them can, or should, be treated the same.

The most common type of acne, the one that most people get, are pustules.  These are the inflamed red bumps that appear to have a paler whitish center.  These pimples really should be left alone but can be squeezed if done carefully.  They are best treated using a good cleanser and topical lotions if they happen infrequently, or internally using the Derma Cleanse System if they occur often or you have several at a time.

The other common form of acne is papules, which are similar to pustules but do not have the “pus” in the center that can be squeezed out.  Treat these the same way as pustules, but do not squeeze!

Blackheads are formed when the pore is partially congested by sebum and dead skin cells.  The black you see is not dirt – it is the dead skin that has changed color because it has been exposed to the air.  These can take quite a while to clear up but can be helped along by gently exfoliating your skin with the AHA/BHA Complex to clear the pores and remove the dead skin.

I’m sure you are all familiar with whiteheads.  These are similar to blackheads but are caused when the pore is completely blocked.  These can be squeezed – but be very, very careful not to spread the bacteria around the skin.

Nodules are those painful, large lumps that are generally just big papules.  These are formed under the skins surface and can last for longer than regular papules.  These should not be squeezed and usually happen when your body is out of balance and needs to be detoxified and fixed internally using herbs such as the Derma Cleanse Capsules, and a proper diet.

Acne Rosacea can be confusing because you may think you have acne, but if the bumps on your skin are accompanied by reddened skin or flushing – it may be rosacea.  Rosacea is best treated topically with gentle gels such as the Support Serum, but it’s best to see a doctor or dermatologist to be sure that you have rosacea before treating it.

Acne Conglobata is acne at its most severe!  This is basically when you have several nodules in groups on your skin, or have several different types of acne on your skin consistently.  This acne should be treated quickly as it can scar, and should be treated the same way as nodules.

Hopefully this clears up some confusion and leads you on the right track to the correct products you need to get your skin looking its best!


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