A great many conditions of the skin can be solved quickly with a quick purchase on the internet and a few days or weeks of treatment. Think dry skin on the legs, dandruff of the scalp, cracked heels, etc.

Many conditions of the skin have already been diagnosed by a Doctor but conventional treatments have not worked. You may have already tried antibiotics for acne or anti-fungals for Rosacea. Now you search for an alternative way to solve it. With modern skincare technology and microdelivery, it is now easier than ever to solve the appearance of a very stubborn condition with a non-drug, more natural product.

But then there are these seemingly benign things that popup on the skin, sometimes looking rather harmless, that absolutely 100% require a Dr’s visit.

1)      Deep, painful acne – While the bump remains under the skin, the top of the skin is red, hot, and inflamed. The bumps surface eventually as large nodules over the face, and/or neck and back. They are very painful and take weeks to heal. The face may look like an entirely different colour than the neck and body, so red and inflamed. Left untreated or inadequately treated may result in deep pockmarks, scarring, and prolonging of the condition. Get the Dr stat to get a proper prognosis.

2)      A spot that keeps scabbing over and peeling – An elderly friend of mine had a small scab on her nose. She thought it was an old pimple that was healing over. It would peel off and then scab over again. For months now it was not healing. She went to her family doc and he prescribed cortisone cream. After weeks of using this cream, no real success. After the 2nd or 3rd visit to the family doctor, he still thought it was too harmless of a care to send to a dermatologist. She then (behind his back because of a gut feeling) went to a drop-in clinic and the doctor said right away her skin type (fair with reddish/blond hair) was the kind prone to skin cancer and he would refer her right away. The Derm diagnosed her within minutes of her initial visit. It was a carcinoma and within weeks the plastic surgeon removed the entire top flap of her nose along with the skin in between her eyebrows and repaired with very little scarring left behind. Had she just kept applying the cream for months and ignored this scab, the dermatologist told her she should have had to have her entire nose removed from her face.

3)      A dry, flaky patch that will not go away – It’s skin that just won’t moisturize no matter how much cream you apply. It is usually flaky and itches. With eczema, it’s the actual skin cells below the surface of the skin that have become disarranged and damaged. This means the surface will not heal properly and become sensitive to soaps, clothing, foods, and even water. Usually a 10 day treatment of a cortisone cream will finally put the fire out. Leaving eczema untreated can lead to skin pigment changes, premature wrinkles, and prolonged discomfort. Take advice from your doctor on how to manage skin with eczema to prevent it from flaring again.

4)      A mole that starts to change colour or shape – Had a green coloured mole pop up out of nowhere? Or something kind of shiny? Is a mole migrating into a different shape? These are all a reason to see a doctor stat. Dermatologists have seen them all and only they can diagnose them, sometimes within seconds. Make that appt ASAP and remember to have all your moles investigated if your doctor advises it.

5)      Any sort of sudden inflammatory redness or flaringRosacea has been linked to certain cardiovascular conditions while many drug side effects can cause unexplained redness and flaring. Have you changed your medications recently? Are you now suddenly getting episodes of hot, flaring redness you have never experienced before? It’s time to see you doc and explain every medicine you are on, what you have been eating, drinking, and using topically on your skin.

The most important take-away from this article should be that it is better to be open with your doctor than shy away from visiting altogether. Tell them exactly what is bothering you. You know your body better than anyone else and if this feels or looks “just not right” listen to your gut. Your body is the vessel with which you can enjoy the splendours of what life has to offer.

Learn more about Basal Cell Carcinoma here: https://www.skincancer.org/skin-cancer-information/basal-cell-carcinoma/the-five-warning-signs-images#panel1-2