Browns spots, also known as age spots, become a common reality for many men and women as they get older. While they occur in millions of people worldwide, people may receive them for a wide variety of reasons. Medical professionals explain the origins for your dark marks, age spots, liver spots, or any other name used to describe the spots you wish to eliminate. We all have a go-to term!


The Origins

According to the Mayo Clinic, age spots are most commonly found in people age 50 or older; however, people younger than 50 will also find them. With younger people, the Mayo Clinic states that the most prevalent reasons for age spots occur when people spend a lot of time in the sun, particularly without sunscreen or sun protection.  People 50 or older may also get age spots from sun exposure however, they may also appear simply from getting older or from being genetically predisposed to them. The Mayo Clinic is also quick to point out that most genuine age spots are not cancerous; however, if you are concerned or you see changes in the shape or colours of your brown spots, you should speak with your dermatologist or doctor.    


Common Locations and Symptoms

Because these brown spots often develop because of the sun, most people will find them in areas that are frequently exposed to the sun. These areas might include the face, shoulders, neck, feet, and hands. Sorry my fair-skinned counterparts, we are at greatest risk due to the minimal presence of melanin in our skin. However, if you have a darker skin tone, you can also develop these undesirable age spots. Such age spots are not always brown regardless of your skin tone. They might be brown, tan, or even black. The shape is commonly oval and flat and the size of a freckle. Those that appear larger in size are often the result of many spots grouped together.


Simple Treatments

While brown spots can instigate insecurity in those of us who present such symptoms, solutions do exist to minimize the appearance. The best and easiest way to prevent them is to always wear sunscreen and wide-brimmed hats anytime you are exposed to the sun. You should also avoid tanning beds at all costs. Another way is to use a serum or other products specifically designed to safely minimize the appearance of age spots.  You can also have procedures to remove the top layer of your skin or use holistic methodologies at home such as apple cider vinegar, lemons, or buttermilk.


Regardless of your age or skin tone, you may have or may develop, brown spots due to sun exposure, ageing, or your genes. The great news is that you can minimize the appearance and even out your skin tone with the help of quality products, holistic remedies, or a medical professional. Do not forget to keep an eye on your dark marks and consult a doctor if you see any abnormal changes in shape or colour. Safety first!