Years ago, when I was backpacking through SE Asia, I met a Canadian girl who shared a lovely travelers’ tip for great skin in the often unbearable heat and sun which is to use a bit of petroleum jelly on your face in place of foundations or powders. Was she right? It seems nearly impossible to have stunning summer skin amidst the heat, humidity, and additional activities. The good news is, some amazing tips do exist to have your skin looking insatiable whether you are a man or a woman.


Men-Specific Tips

While skincare is relatively universal for men and women, a few differences do exist. Everyone sweats, however men typically do so a bit more. Gentlemen, this makes you prone to acne, sunburns, and skin damage. Be sure you to wash your face every morning and night and do not forget to exfoliate. It is not a process simply for women. Both exfoliating once in awhile and washing your face a few times a day will keep your pores clean and remove dead skin to keep your skin inviting and touchable. And, men can have sensitive skin, as well. It is just as important for you guys to use a gentle oil-free sunscreen on your face. Feel free to use any sunscreen you like, with at least 30 SPF, on the rest of your body; however, choose something less aggressive for your face to prevent breakouts. And, keep your facial hair clean!


For The Ladies

Like men, some tips are typically more lady-centric when it comes to skincare. We know that we are to drink at least nine cups of fluids a day, according to the Mayo Clinic, however it is important to try to drink water as your fluids rather than potential skin dehydrators such as coffee and soda. It is much better for your skin. We ladies are known to show a lot more skin in the summer, so be sure to exfoliate your entire body rather than just your face for an even more desirable look. And, for those of you who suffer from diminishing estrogen levels, eat more broccoli and sweet potatoes to improve the glow and youthful appearance of your skin!


Lesser-Known Summer Skincare Tips for All

  • Make sure your sunscreen blocks both UVA and UVB rays.
  • Cold showers seal in moisture and remove sweat to prevent acne.
  • Fight the urge for white wine and drink red instead as the skin of red grapes can help decrease the redness of possible sunburns.
  • Try mineral powder makeup with SPF in place of liquid makeup.
  • Exfoliate on dry skin prior to showering.
  • Use a reputable lotion or oil within three minutes of patting dry with a towel after a shower.
  • Eliminate dark spots, or rather sunspots from your face with highly effective products .
  • Use antioxidant-rich products to prevent wrinkles, minimize the redness in skin and sunspots, and to provide a natural glow to your skin.
  • Spend money on a light yet effective sunscreen and do not forget your hands!
  • Avoid hours lying in the sun instead try a subtle tinted lotion.
  • Each hydrating antioxidant-rich foods such as cantaloupe and watermelon.  
  • And, of course, drink even more water than you normally do to replace lost fluids.


And, for those of you dying to know about the use of petroleum jelly, according to a number of reputable and popular beauty magazines, using petroleum jelly on your face will give you a refreshing glow and help to reflect sunlight off your face in a radiant manner. In fact, many of such sources mentioned that using petroleum jelly is a trick of the trade behind the scenes in fashion shows. So, this summer, if you are in search of looking refreshed rather than tired, follow this guide to stunning summer skin and you will own the summer.