Summertime is rapidly approaching filled with long beautiful days, the warm sun on your skin, and endless laughs and cherished memories with loved ones during fun in the sun. What could be better! Make sure you keep this must-have summer skincare kit on hand at all times to ensure the fun never stops.

Summer Sun Dangers

While the sun is a critical part of our overall health and happiness, it can be easy to forget about the hidden dangers it possesses as we frolic about footloose and fancy free. A sunburn may seem like a bit of an inconvenience or even become quite painful for a few days; however, it can cause or lead to much more serious problems in the long term. It can develop into precancerous and full on cancer over time.


In addition to protecting your skin from the sun, it is also important to take special care of your eyes. Unprotected eyes can be seriously damaged by the sun and UV radiation. You could potentially develop cataracts, and even types of cancer, over time if you do not protect your eyes. And, take it easy on the acne products with benzoyl peroxide if you are going to be in the sun as it is known to increase photo-sensitivity. Also, many medications have photo-sensitivity. Be sure to speak with your medical professional about possible dangers.


The Kit and Sun-Kissed Skin Maintenance

Whether you have a fun beach bag or a manly gym bag, be sure your essential summer gear is with you at all times. And, do not forget to care for your skin after the sun. Here are the items you should have in your summer kit:

  • Lip balm or chapstick with sunscreen.
  • New sunscreen with a minimum SPF 30. Do not rely upon expiry dates as sunscreen can become ineffective if left in the sun too long or too many times. Replace annually 
  • Wide-brimmed hat and/or umbrella.
  • Sunglasses with UV protection.
  • Lightweight long sleeves and trousers.
  • Aloe vera and lotion.
  • Washcloth, mild cleanser, and moisturizer with SPF.


And, here are several summer skin maintenance products and tips to keep your skin amazing all summer long:


Sun Safety Tips

Enjoy the most from the sun and summer days by following these sun safety tips:

  • Stay out of the sun during peak midday hours.
  • Minimize time in the sun with large amounts of skin exposed.
  • Reapply sunscreen as directed, particularly if you sweat or get wet.
  • Use umbrellas, cabanas, and hats for additional protection.
  • Do not forget sun protection if you are working out or being active outdoors.
  • Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!
  • Replace all sunscreens that have reached the mark of one year old.
  • Wear sunglasses with UV protection.
  • Wear a wide-brimmed hat whenever possible for both your skin and eyes.
  • Do not forget about open car windows, sunroofs, and convertibles!
  • Keep your lips protected, as well.


Whether you are going on a family holiday or you are plan to enjoy your days off work, be mindful of the sun and take proactive measures to prevent skin damage. And, do not forget to incorporate a few new products and steps into your summer skincare routine for the ultimate results.

Do you have any summer skincare tips?