You’ve got to try Paraffin wax

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If you have ever had a manicure or pedicure at a spa you have probably had, or at least been offered, a paraffin wax hand or foot treatment.   These are meant to be extremely soothing and deeply moisturizing and can make your hands and/or feet very soft and smooth.

Paraffin wax is a manmade wax that is generally used in candles, especially birthday candles.  It is considered safe enough to eat – although I highly recommend against that!  It is a soft wax and melts into a medium thick syrup type texture that is much different from other harder waxes that are used for molding art work or for those meant to wax the skin.  Once it is heated over a hot temperature you dip your hands and/or feet into it two or three times to create a wax glove that moulds to your skin almost instantaneously.  Your hands and/or feet are then wrapped in plastic and put inside insulated thick gloves that resemble oven mitts and you are invited to sit back and relax while it does its magic.  After you have relaxed for a while your therapist will remove the glove and plastic and slide the wax off of your hands or feet by rolling it back.  After this, lotion is usually rubbed into your hands and/or feet to seal in the moisture.  You should notice a difference in the softness already.

Having a paraffin wax treatment can be a nice treat for anyone; however it is especially nice if you have dry or cracked skin.   And if you suffer from joint pain or arthritis in your hands or feet this can be a nice soothing, warming treatment to alleviate the pain.

Be sure to ensure that your wax is fresh and for you only – reputable spas generally do this anyway, and that the wax is not too hot before dipping any part of your body into it.   Please also use extreme caution and consult a doctor first if you have diabetes or chronic skin conditions.  You can also buy a paraffin wax heater and the wax yourself and do it at home.  It is a wee bit pricy but if you suffer from chronic dryness or pain in your joints – this may be a good investment for you.   But again, watch the heat, and be sure to keep it away from animals and children so they don’t knock it over.


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