We choose to create the products of conscience that we had searched for ourselves. Our success is based on knowing there are other people out there that feel the same way.

ZENMED® continues to be at the forefront of developing Doctor-formulated skincare targeted towards persistently troubled skin. Our belief in this approach continues to be supported and endorsed by the medical and naturopathic community. Our skincare offers the immediate effects of cosmeceutical procedures using proven medicinal and esthetician-grade actives without compromising the holistic foundations upon which we are based.

We manufacture formulations 100% free of animal testing or animal products (Vegan). There are no dyes or fragrances, petrochemicals, sodium lauryl, or laureth sulfates in any of our products. We only use 100% recyclable packaging and use organically sourced ingredients whenever possible. No wasteful cosmetic boxes are utilized. Minimal impact on the environment has been our goal from day one and we will continue to work on decreasing our environmental footprint every day.

Our expertise from the very beginning has been creating skincare for persistently troubled skin. We make formulations specifically designed for sufferers of Acne, Rosacea, Hypersensitivity, and Eczema. We also offer products for Digestive Wellness and Immune Support.


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