Would you like to save money and see better results from your skincare products? The best way to do so is to follow the directions, use them in the right order, and to give them a chance. Most of us have probably used body lotion on our face once or twice or used night cream less frequently than as directed leaving us a bit frustrated by lack of results. Ooops! It turns out the companies from which we purchase our favorite products know what they are doing and it will help us to listen.


Use As Directed

You might be tempted to use products more or less than instructed, however companies spend millions of dollars developing the perfect formula provide you with the right instructions for the best results. Also, keep in mind that products used on body parts other than the recommended could backfire. For example, body lotions often have strong fragrances and many potential irritants to more sensitive body parts such as your face.


It is possible that you could have reactions to products that are not designed for that particular body part, however it is also possible you will not have any reaction. At the end of the day, it is ideal to use the right products for the right parts for the best results. The same is true for specialized products such as to use oil-based products if you have oily skin. If you have dry skin, for best results, you should use oil-free products.


The Correct Order

Another key to maximizing the potential of your skincare beauty products is to use them in the correct order. Start by removing all of your makeup at night before you use your nighttime products. In the morning, wash your face and start with a cleanser. Be sure to use the cleanser all over your face and neck including your eyebrow ridge and eyes, as long as it is directed to do so. If you are a serum lover, now is the time to use your favorite serum. Follow your serum with your daily moisturizer. Be sure to start with your neck and work your way up to your hairline. Next up is your eye cream followed by additional sunscreen if you do not use a moisturizer that includes an SPF. Now, your face is in perfect condition to start your makeup routine.


It Takes Time

Perhaps the most frustrating aspect of skincare is that we do not see results overnight. Try to be patient as it takes time for products to make a significant difference. Unfortunately, there is no exact timeline to reference for your products, however most top skincare brands will state on the packaging or on their product descriptions roughly the length of time it will take to begin to see a noticeable impact. Some results will be immediate such as a cleanser and others will take longer such as dark spot treatments.


Another good way to judge the approximate time is to read reviews from people who have already used the products. Many people are generous enough to share their experiences. Keep in mind that everyone will be different. You may see results slightly sooner or a short while later. The moral of the story is to give your products enough of a chance to work before you move on to another product.


While there may not be a simple barometer to know whether or not you are using the perfect products for your needs, you can take a few simple steps to improve the effectiveness of the products you use. For the absolute best results from your skincare products it is essential to use them as directed, use them in the correct order, and to give them enough time to work.